Want to make your small room look bigger? Here are some expert tips


Fitting everything in a small space is definitely a job that needs precision and creative outlook. However, apart from designing these smalls room for a better look, there are a couple of tips that can help you right away with the smaller space.

These will not just enhance your room space but also deliver additional space to you which you could not find otherwise.

  • If curtains are your thing then make sure the curtains are of the same color as the walls. This gives the room a look that you could not have imagined.
  • Let natural light come in as frequently as possible. This also helps the room look bigger.
  • Buy furniture which is exposed from the bottom. Let those sofa legs be seen so that it gives the illusion of more space and light together.
  • Unclutter stuff that you do not use any more. Have an idea how small homes can be made great by having a look at Novus Homes.
  • Have small rugs displayed in the room like; under the table, under the sofa etc. It visually enhances the space of the room.
  • Purchase furniture which has a multi-functional use. Like ottoman, tables with drawers etc.
  • Always go for bookshelves that are floor to ceiling or wall to wall. This makes the room look spacious and adds more storage place to your house.
  • Buy furniture that can be folded or put away after use. Even a piece of furniture like that is a great help when living in a small apartment.
  • Purchase some of your furniture which has the same color as of the walls. This will not only blend well but will also open up the area for you.
  • Do not place the furniture against the wall. Putting furniture at various angles or in centre enhances the space of a room.
  • If you want to have a dining table in your house, then pick one that can be easily folded or can be used for other purposes too.
  • Go for stripped flooring or rugs; these make a room look bigger as soon as someone enters the room.

Apart from these tips, you can do the following things with your small room to make it look more spacious.


Having big covered glass windows are good when you live in a place where natural sunlightcomes it. However, there are times, when you need to drape these windows during the day. If you are in favor of covering the windows then always go for the ceiling to floor drapes. This gives the house the edge of height.


Having the right mirror fixed at the right place adds a lot to a house.

  • Wall with A Mirror:Covering an entire wall with floor to ceiling mirrors create a unique magic in the house. The bad side of having a mirrored wall is that the clutter of one end will be seen on the other side too because of the reflection. So, ensure your room is always clean and clear. However, this reflection of the room gives an illusion of greater space.
  • Mirror Doors: Having a mirror sliding door is the most in thing. Firstly, it does not take up more space in the room and secondly, its positioning is extremely flexible.
  • Wall Mounted Mirrors: wall mounted mirrors add a wow factor to a house. Instead, of opting for a small size mirror, get your living room a mirror that is up to the ceiling from the mantelpiece. Once you see a mirror like that in a small room, you will understand why it is vital to have it in your room too.


Having the correct light in the room can make or break your house’s look. Here is what you need to consider when you need some lighting for your house.

  • Pendant Lights: for dining area always go for lights that are falling right over the dining table to have a warm feeling. Hanging lights in the hallway or the living room should be placed at such a height that it does not bang someone’s head.
  • Table Lamps: to enhance the look of your house, go for these kinds of lights. Having table lights across the room will add various shades to the small room. The shape and design of the lamps add more to the beauty of a small room.

A house whether small or large needs acute designing skills and adding more creativity to it definitely increases the style statement of the house.