Top 5 Reasons Why BigCommerce Over Other Ecommerce Platforms


Owning and operating an online store or website has become a go-to choice for many entrepreneurs willing to take advantage of the vast online market. This increasing trend perfectly demonstrates how easy it has become to build an online store nowadays. However, to scale your business in the e-commerce space, you require shifting from a custom designed website to a third-party platform like Shopify, Magneto or BigCommerce.

Just like any other business, e-commerce enterprises face various impediments such as picking a suitable e-commerce platform. With the e-commerce model being highly lucrative, such platforms have become quite competitive in their service provision. In fact, it is no longer sufficient to provide standard features, easy website setup, and customization services. Therefore, if you want more for your online store, here is why you ought to pick BigCommerce over the other e-commerce platforms

1.Provides Safe and Secure Hosting

By relying on BigCommerce, you can fully devote your time to other vital matters like selling. The platform utilizes top-of-the-line methods to not only protect but also monitor your website from both intrusions and attacks. What’s more, BigCommerce ensures that all stores hosted by the platform are entirely PCI compliant.

2.Simple to Launch and User-Friendly

With BigCommerce, creating your online store only takes several clicks to get things done. You require filling in the brief registration form is some few second before being redirected to your store’s admin panel. In addition, using and managing a BigCommerce store is hassle-free thanks to its simplified administrative dashboard. Of course, if you need something more complicated, you can hire any of the BigCommerce Partners, such as Digitawise which is an end-to-end digital agency. Visit their website to learn more.

3.More Themes and Numerous Payment Options

Thanks to its team of experienced web designers, BigCommerce boasts 80 themes that are available for a particular fee. Even so, the platform offers seven themes for free to accommodate customers with limited funds or those on a tight budget. The beauty of these themes options is that they can take your online store’s user experience to an entirely higher level.

With a vast range of payment gateways to choose from today, it would be unwise to limit your clients to specific payment options only. For this reason, BigCommerce supports about 40 payments channels including Stripe, Square, PayPal, Amazon Pay and among many others. Aside from being available in over 100 nations globally, the gateways provide more than 250 local payment methods.

4.Easy Analytics and Reporting

Having an admin dashboard that provides you with all the statistics, charts and graphs you need to track your store’s operations is a big plus for BigCommerce. The reports regarding conversion rates, sales totals, in-store search terms keyed in by customers will not only help you measure your progress but also make well-informed decisions pertaining your business.

5.Enhanced Marketing Capabilities

Creation of a blog with BigCommerce is a few clicks away, especially since no extra software is needed. The functionality allows you to promote and grow your business by constantly interacting with your customers. What’s more, BigCommerce has outdone itself significantly by enabling clients who need advanced blogging capabilities to integrate third-party blogs.

Looking at these benefits, you can now begin to understand why BigCommerce prides itself on being a leading platform in the e-commerce sector. Also, with achievements like its partnership with Alibaba, you can only expect the platform to continue offering better and more advanced services to meet your enterprise’s needs. Hence, opt for BigCommerce to enjoy its extensive functionality and make your e-commerce dreams come true.