Learn to play the violin – Practical advice

The worst thing we can do when we want to learn to play an instrument is to want to play it as fast as possible, and if you want to learn to play the violin, you can forget about it.If we get “binge” of lessons at the beginning, the only thing we will achieve is to get frustrated easily and can make us block and take longer than expected.

It is best to follow the techniques already tested in academies. If they have been running for so long it will be for something. The main thing is to start with motivation and dedicate the necessary time, neither more nor less.

Learning to play the violin is a bit complicated because it is one of the most difficult instruments to learn, but here are some tips that will be easier for you and you will be more efficient in Violin classes.

  1. You have to be patient when playing the violin

If you want to play the violin correctly in a short time, patience should be the beacon that illuminates this path.You will have to dedicate many hours of practice and you will need to arm yourself with all the patience you have to execute the possible techniques you want to learn.

  1. Learn to trust your fingers

One of the best tricks you can follow is to learn to be aware of your fingers, and know how to trust them. You must learn to press the strings with each finger without looking.If you did, you will lose effectiveness and, sooner or later, you will have to correct that error and delay your learning.Remember to stretch and do warm-up exercises to avoid injuries.

  1. Turn your essays into a daily routine

Rehearse, rehearse and do not stop trying! The fundamental element of all your learning will be practice. If you want to learn to play the violin you should practice every day, and not skip any.The routine should be inflexible so you do not spend more time than necessary. The rhythm of learning is everything. The best thing is that you set a specific day to master each technique you learn.

  1. You’re going to get it, you have to be optimistic

Many times you will get lessons that are a bit complicated and cost a little more. Do not get frustrated. It is normal that sometimes you have to dedicate more time than planned to a specific technique. If you cannot avoid it, perhaps you should stop this learning, or change the instrument.

If you are patient, and you have a positive vision, your chances of learning to play the violin will increase considerably. Motivate yourself each time you come to a complicated lesson. If you practice, you can master it without any problems.